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What is Stickpeople?

What started out as a recital for PDS students to show off their skills has now grown into a full blown concert event that you’ll never forget.  Featuring over 50 drumsets playing together, ensembles of all ages, and solos from some of Kansas’ best percussion students, Stickpeople is a true percussion extravaganza!  Over 60 students from more than 11 school districts and ranging in age from 7 to 70 will perform.

“What a wonderful experience . . . Thanks so much for putting this one!” – Sue Papenfuss, parent

“Our second Stickpeople was even more awesome than our first!” -Sondra Chesky, grandparent

“Loved Loved Loved the show!!! Stickpeople rocked. I was truly moved by the whole thing. Congrats, my friend, and hats off to all the players.”  -Bill Glenn, Adjunct Instructor at Friends University

“The show was great! I am so glad we had the opportunity to participate. You have built an amazing organization. Kudos!”  -Susan Bell, parent


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